My friends and colleagues would usually ask me how I keep my cakes moist. I’ve got a dozen of techniques, however, not everything that works well with me will work with everyone else. So, I summed up a couple of techniques that you might be able to use. The main query is… HOW CAN YOU KEEP YOUR CAKES MOIST AND FRESH, MOST ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE NAKED?

Naked cakes are a trend nowadays, and a lot of bakers find it easy because you won’t have to go through the entire crumbing and coating process. Naked cakes are likewise pretty and easy to decorate, as you only have to cut your cakes equally in layers and put an equal amount of frosting in the middle of each layer. It’s that easy. You can decorate your cakes with fresh fruits. edible flowers, and the likes and even put a chocolate drip on the top most layer. However, since there is no frosting to coat and lock moist onto the cakes, it’s hard to keep them fresh and they can go stale in a day or two depending on weather and storage conditions.

Here’s how I keep my cakes moist:

1. Brush with liquor or simple syrup.

You can either use a simple sugar syrup when brushing your cakes. This will keep them moist for a few days, but if you’re feeling a little extra, you can always use liquor to brush your cakes. Liquor will keep your cakes fresh, as they lock in moisture and make your cakes last longer. If your cake flavor would allow it, you can use Amaretto for vanilla cakes, almond cakes, fruit based cakes and the likes. You can use cherry liquor or kirsch for chocolate or black forest. You can also use Kahlua or coffee liquor for mocha cakes, chocolate cakes, and cakes with heavy coffee flavor. Otherwise, smooth Rum is always my go-to liquor as it goes well with any cake flavor.ย  In the absence of liquor, you can always use simple sugar syrup to brush your cakes. Do not be afraid to brush the layers with liquid heavily, as it will eventually dry in time.

2. Incorporate moist into the filling.

How do you incorporate moist into the filling? After I brush my cakes with liquor, I spread a thin layer of fruit jam on the cake. If your cake is chocolate, caramel, or custard flavor, you can use a thin layer of ganache for your cake. Each time I make a naked cake, I pipe my buttercream frosting on the layers after I top them with jams. I like to fill them with fruit jams especially if they are fruit-based cakes like my Triple Berry Naked Cake. I used blueberry and strawberry jam so I can incorporate the liquids of the jam onto the filling. The use of jams and compotes into the filling keeps them moist for longer days. They also add flavors into the fillings instead of just pure buttercream frosting.

3. Freeze your cakes after baking.

It is better to use frozen cakes than freshly baked out-of-the-oven cakes because frozen cakes tend to be more moist and can be easily cut into layers without crumbling. Freezing will lock in the natural moisture of the cake, instead of refrigeration. Refrigerants tend to dry out cakes really fast so if you want your cakes or bread to last longer, put them in the freezer.

4. As much as possible, use edible decorations.

I like to use edible decorations on my cakes, because then I won’t have to remove them if I need to slice or eat the cake. Since naked cakes don’t have coating, most need something to cover the cakes from air. I like to use fresh fruits on my naked cakes as it adds not just moisture, but color, and flavor as well. Edible flowers can also be used.

5. Store your cakes in airtight containers.

This is basic when storing your cakes. Avoid putting your cakes on boxes if you plan to store them. Use an airtight container to keep them moist and fresh. Cakes tend to absorb the smell of the box after a long period of time. Cakes are non-hygroscopic, unless they are covered with fondant. Cakes do not absorb moisture from air. They dry out easily so it is better if you will store them in airtight containers instead of packaging boxes.

Do you have a method or technique that you would love to share? Leave a comment and we’d like to hear from you. ๐Ÿ™‚