About the Author Bobbie

Bobbie is an Australian Certified Pastry Chef. She's a graduate of The Australian Patisserie Academy, The Northern Sydney Institute, and took Hospitality Management Major in Entrepreneurship from Sydney School of Entrepreneurship. She's a Certified Foodie and Food Technologist, she's also a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Food Technology in the Philippines. Bobbie travels back and forth from Manila to Sydney to practice her career, but is currently based in Manila to pursue her passion in Food Styling and Photography. She became a Mental Health Awareness Advocate after being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 2 with General Anxiety Disorder back in Australia. Also an Ocean Conservation Advocate, she's an active ambassador of Friends of the Ocean Society. Bobbie is also a food and travel writer and photographer for various travel magazines and travel websites. She's a self-proclaimed Mermaid, a K-Drama Fan, and a "Platita" of Manila (LOVES HOARDING PLATES, MUGS, AND TEA SETS).