The white sands of Puka Beach, Boracay


I’ve been traveling back and forth to Boracay since 2011 (not purely for leisure) and each time, I am with different sets of people with different memories and experiences from there. The last time I was there was two weeks ago, when I decided to bring my Mom and my hub with me. Boracay has its own splendor and unlike any other white sand beaches all over the country, it sets its own place of popularity from our foreign friends. Yes! Each time I go out of the country and tell local people that I am from the Philippines, the first thing they would ask me about is that place called Boracay.

HOW TO GET THERE: Boracay is located at Aklan, a province at the very tip of Panay Island. It has several entry points by boat from Capiz, Iloilo, Romblon, Batangas Port, and from the other islands surrounding Panay. You may book an hour flight to Boracay from Manila via Caticlan or you may also opt to book at the bigger airport, Kalibo, which is nestled in the town proper of Aklan. From Caticlan Airport, ride a tricycle to the jetty port. You will have to take a 20-minute boat ride to Boracay from the jetty port, then another tricycle ride to your station. Kalibo is the longer route. You will have to take a van from the airport going to Caticlan. Some accommodations offer land transfers from the airport straight to the hotel. Discounted Boracay Accommodations Here.

ACTIVITIES: During my previous travels to Boracay, I failed to see the entire grandeur of the island as I was not able to do much activities. I did not have much time in my hands during the previous years because my travels were not purely for leisure. Thankfully, I had the chance to explore more of Boracay this year. It did not fail me! Though summer has ended officially, my recent trip to Boracay was the best so far. Here is a list of activities (from pricey to free) that you might want to try while you are there:


Balancing and paddling my way to the shore.

1. PADDLE BOARDING (P800) This is available in Station 1 in front of Jonah’s Shakes. This is a great alternative to surf boarding since Boracay has gentle waves, not enough for surfing.

Ready to jump! 🙂

2. ISLAND HOPPING and SNORKELING (P3000/group of 4, small boat) Explore the seas of the place. Coral Gardens is the best spot for snorkeling in Boracay. There are several other small islands surrounding Boracay, and the best way to see them is through island hopping.


Boracay’s underwater biodiversity

3. FUN DIVES or HELMET DIVING (P3500 – P1500) Aside from snorkeling, a better way to explore Boracay’s underwater biodiversity is through diving. Not a pro-diver? Not comfortable in swimming? Not a problem. There are several diving schools and instructors in Boracay. You can also try helmet diving where you won’t need to undergo diving training.

This is me when I’m done adulting. LOL

4. MERMAIDING (P1000 unlimited photos) The newest attraction in Boracay. I actually came for this the last time I was there. The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy definitely made every beach-girl’s dream come true. If you plan to be a mermaid, check-out Fisheye Divers, Station 1, beside Starbucks. They also offer mermaid swimming lessons and unlimited photo ops with your mermaid tail.

White Sands, Clear Waters, and Sunset.

5. SUNSET WATCHING (Free) I’ve been to several places, several different islands and shores, but sunset in Boracay has its own place in my heart. Boracay sunset is a beautiful nostalgia that will make you channel your inner peace. Aside from the fact that it is breathtaking, it is also absolutely free. Take a walk by the beach, or lay on the cool white sands and simply relax and enjoy the view.

Clear waters of Puka Beach

6. MORNING SWIM AT PUKA BEACH (Free if you are booked there, included in island hopping) The best time to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Boracay is early morning. Puka Beach is located on the other side of Boracay Island. Sands are not as fine as Balabag White Beach as the shore also has dried corals and puka shells, but Puka Beach offers clearer waters which make it ideal for a morning swim. Talk about Vitamin D (and vitamin sea).


Fresh Lobsters

7. SEAFOOD BINGE Taste the flavors of Boracay and order some fresh catch of the day. Shrimps, lobsters, crabs, fresh fish, and shell fish are abundant in the island. You may shop for your fresh seafood at D’ Talipapa and ask a local restaurant also known as paluto by the side of the wet market to cook them for you the way you want your seafood to be cooked. Garlic Butter Shrimps and Chili Crabs for the win!

Calamansi Muffins for the win. <3


Frank’s Isaw

8. FOOD TRIP My favorite past time in Boracay is food tripping. Aside from fresh seafood, the island is also famous for several other flavorful delights. Try the very popular calamansi muffins from Real Coffee and Tea Cafe located at Station 2. Chori Burger is another favorite snack, as well as Frank’s Inihaw which offers isaw, pork barbecue on stick, gizzards, and chicken liver, located at Station 1, near Willy’s Rock. Also try Jonah’s Fruit Shakes, the best ever fruit shake in town.

Colors of Boracay

Boracay Fire Dancers

9. SEASIDE PARTIES Boracay is well-known for parties and clubbing. If you want to experience the loud and proud Boracay, it’s best to visit on a weekend. But if you want to experience the peace and serenity of the island, vacation on a weekday is the best option. Fire-dancing is a popular activity on a weekend night. Don’t just stay in your hotel while watching TV when in Boracay. Make sure to catch Boracay’s fire dancers while you are there.


Willy’s Rock and the mirror-like white sands of Boracay

10. Willy’s Rock (Free) At the farthest part of Station 1, a grotto called Willy’s Rock is located. This is in front of Willy’s Resort. It is a huge rock formation with the statue of Mother Mary at the top. You may also seek refuge from the heat by swimming on the rock’s shadows in the crystal clear beach and be amazed with the colorful fishes that swim around there.

D’ Mall Shopping

11. D’Mall and Massage by the Beach Shop for souvenirs or dine at D’Mall, located at Station 2. There are several shopping stores, big and small, as well as restaurants of several cuisines in D’Mall. Relax yourself with a beach massage under coconut trees while having a fruit shake from Jonah’s.




Paraw Station

Other activities (prices may vary depending on your guide):

  • Banana Boat (P300/pax minimum of 5 pax)
  • Jet Ski (P2,200/pax 30 mins)
  • Flyfish (P700/pax minimum of 3 pax)
  • Paraw Sailing (P1000 2 pax)
  • Parasailing (P1650/pax minimum 2 pax)
  • Speedboat (P7000/hour 5 pax)
  • Scuba Diving – Discovery Dive (P3,00o/pax)
  • Scuba Diving – Open Water Dive (P21,000/pax)
  • Island Hopping (P3,000 small boat 1-6 pax, P6,000 medium boat 7-15 pax, P8,500 big boat 16-20 pax)
  • Buggy Car (P1,600/hr)
  • ATV Ride (P1,100/hr)
  • Zorb and Zipline (P1,300/pax)
  • Horseback Riding (P1,000/pax)
  • Helicopter Beach Tour (P9,000/2 pax 10 minutes)

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First Day (Arrival)

If you are booked on a morning flight, you may leave your things at the concierge of your hotel and stroll out. You may also eat your lunch at Station 2 where most food establishments are located.

  • 2:00 PM – Hotel Check-In
  • 3:00 PM – Try calamansi muffins at Real Coffee Cafe Station 2
  • 4:30 PM – Sunset Watching
  • 6:30 PM – Dinner (Station 2)
  • 8:00 PM – Catch some Fire Dancers by the beach
  • 9:30 PM – Try Boracay Tides (Party by the Beach)

Second Day

  • 7:30 AM – Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM – Island Hopping and Snorkeling
  • 12 NN – LUNCH
  • 3:00 PM – Try Chori Burger and Jonah’s Fruit Shake Station 1
  • 4:00 PM – Try another activity like Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, or Paraw Sailing
  • 6:30 – 7:00 PM – DINNER (Try seafood buffet Station 2)

Third Day

  • 7:00 AM – Breakfast
  • 8:30 AM – Helmet Diving
  • 10:00 AM – Buy Souvenirs and Pasalubongs at D’Mall
  • 12 NN – Lunch
  • Rest of the afternoon, prepare for your flight back.