There’s something about airline food that excites me. I have no idea what it is, or maybe it’s probably the fact that after I have eaten their food-in-a-box meal, I know I’d be landing in a different place soon enough. I admire airline chefs. It’s a challenge to prepare ready to serve meals in a way that passengers would enjoy the meal though sometimes it’s a  huge query for them what they would be eating. And though I am well-versed when it comes to food, being a food technologist and a culinarian at the same time, I must admit that being in an industry where the trend continuously changes; serving airline food is a serious business. That’s the reason why I never complain and it’s something I always look forward to when I’m traveling, AIRLINE FOOD. This one above is what they served during a trip to HK, via economy class in Philippine Airline Fiesta Class Boeing 777, and a flight attendant pushing her trolley of drinks.