In the summer time, when the weather is too high, all you want is a nice cold treat that goes with your sweet tooth. Here’s a real deal just for you and your mall buddy! Beat the summer heat with Kaka’s Summer Promo. Buy 1 Halo-Halo and get another for free for P125.00 ($3.00) only.



Halo-Halo is a Filipino cold treat usually made with shaved ice, milk,  ube jam, leche flan, sweetened banana, macapuno, kaong, corn, langka (jack fruit) and pinipig. It has a lot of different variations depending where it’s made and it is a very popular delight during the summer season. Halo-Halo gets its name from the meaning of the word itself. Halo is the Filipino term for mix. Therefore, you have to mix all the ingredients together before you take a spoonful (or in my case, eat the toppings and ice cream first, save the best parts for later).

Mom and I were walking towards Mega B exit in search for the ultimate Halo-Halo to satisfy our summer cravings. We have tried several already for the past few days, and we were looking for something a little bit different. We noticed this poster near the exit and in an instant we went to The Atrium and took a seat at this Filipino restaurant called Kaka.


Entrance at The Atrium side.

I usually pass by Kaka every time I shop at Megamall. I never really imagined myself taking a try at this cute little place with Mom just for the reason that we were feeling really summery. It’s a small cozy restaurant that offers Filipino cuisine on the menu. I believe they also serve street foods, but I failed to take a photo, my apologies. It is a fresh take on modern Filipino dining with clay pots and wood piles as interiors.


Clay Pots by the wash room.


Wooden tables and chairs, matchy-matchy with their capiz ceiling lamps.

So Mom and I ordered Lumpiang Toge to go with our Buy 1 Take 1 Halo-Halo. For only P95.00, we were able to sink our teeth with hot lumpia (Asian Vegetable Rolls) with spiced vinegar on the side and to our delight, it was made with pure toge (mung bean stalks), carrots, cabbage, and string beans. Just the kind of light snack we were looking for.


This for P95.00 ($2.50) only!


What’s inside those babies.

The Halo-Halo that they offer is a lot different from the many we’ve tried since they blend the shaved ice with milk, which makes the Halo-Halo texture soooo smooth to the mouth-feel. They have three different ice cream flavors as toppings. Cheese, Langka, or Ube.


Mom’s Langka Halo-Halo

Mom chose Langka and she liked it very much. I chose a different ice cream flavor. The one with the most colors of course.


My Ube Halo-Halo

There Halo-Halo has its own “wow” factor for the perfect combination of the creamy ice plus their exciting ingredients. So, if you happen to pass by Kaka at The Atrium, don’t forget this offer! They’re not too loud about this since it’s available for dine-in customers only. Promo is valid from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Enjoy!


Summer Promo, a chalk art on their wall


Kaka Modern Filipino Restaurant

Located at The Atrium Bridgeway, SM Megamall Bldg B, EDSA Cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila