Wander Essentials

What do I bring when I travel? Aside from the usual clothes, camera,  sunglasses, toiletries, and the ever dependable versatile sarong, I always bring my Wander Essentials Kit with me. I absolutely love to organize my things in mini travel organizers or bag compartments. I am also a fan of looking fresh in photos. So, in collaboration with our friends at Rouge Label, we came up with our ultimate travel must-haves.

The Kit Contains:

Rockips Expandable Travel Organizer


A reliable light-weight travel organizer is very important for me when packing. Personally, I hate putting small things in my bag especially when they are loose. So, I have over three travel organizers inside my main bag to keep everything in place. I have separate organizers for undergarments, gadgets, shoes, and essentials. The fact that the organizers are designed in a mesh-style, it makes it easier to see your travel things without having to rummage into your entire luggage.

Criscent Perfumary Pocket Perfumes


I like to keep myself feeling fresh all the time wearing my favorite scent. These 10 ml pocket perfumes are perfect on the road, not just because it comes in handy little bottles, but also because they last long. Criscent Perfumary has over 60 different scents inspired by your favorite top perfume brands. Let’s all admit, we can not always bring an entire bottle of perfume with us especially when you are backpacking. We are limited to up to 20 ml bottles only in airline cabins particularly when you are bringing just your hand-carry. These cute little bottles are just the right size for your next trip!

AP24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste and Lay Bare Exfoliant Cream


AP24 is not your ordinary toothpaste. It keeps you feeling fresh, clean, and makes your teeth whiter. Let’s all have a flashing white smile on our next travel photo with AP24! Our friends from  Rouge Label personally handpicked Lay Bare Exfoliant Cream for your next beach-ready photo ops.

Criscent Perfumary Hand Sanitizers


Keep your hands clean and smelling fresh all-day with Criscent Perfumary Hand Sanitizers! I always have one in my Wander Essentials Kit whether I am at the beach, backpacking in the city, or simply waiting for my next flight.

Rouge Label Outdoor Digital Watch


You don’t need to worry about having your leather watch sit on the sands or grass for several hours. This outdoor digital watch is designed to keep you on track without worrying about your watch straps. It is easy to clean, very light to wear, and comfy and trendy at the same time.


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