On Food

f3Born and raised in Manila, Bobbie is a certified professional foodie. She travels back and forth from Manila to Sydney, pursuing a career in Pastry Arts. She is a Pastry Chef Technologist by profession and founded The Royal Chimney Cakes and Pastries Cafe and co-founded Sunday’s Cheesecakes.

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Technology from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and earned her certification in Pastry Arts from the Northern Sydney Institute in Australia. She also took up a course in Hospitality Management from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship. Her background includes a job in the Research and Development Department of a gourmet Food and Beverage Company, Chocolatier’s assistant at a 5-star hotel, an apprentice at an Asian restaurant, a cold-kitchen chef at a cafe, a chef instructor for Nutrition & Dietetics students at a university, a Pastry Chef in an Italian Fine Dining, and a Head Pastry Chef at a health café in Sydney. Being in the kitchen for more than 12 hours a day is a taxing job, so she found stress-relief in the art of baking and pastry. Pastry Arts is a very lucrative skill as a hobby and so she decided to put up her businesses out of it.

Bobbie owns 2 pastry shops to this date. Please feel free to visit her pastry shops here:

The Royal Chimney Cakes and Pastries 

Sunday’s Cheesecakes

On Travel a2

Bobbie started traveling in 2005, at a very young age tagging along side her Mom’s business trips. She has the passion to explore  new cultures, cuisines, and languages. Fueled by her soulful travel experiences from the Philippines and overseas, she loves to create travel itineraries for her friends and family. When she finally started traveling on her own, she found her place in the travel industry. She is a fan of backpacking and island hopping. She loves to write about her travel stories and experiences. She firmly believes that the best stories are written in between the pages of a passport and that not all who wander are lost.

Bobbie writes for various food and travel publications and websites from the Philippines and overseas. Her contents were published by official magazines of shipping lines and airlines. Her works and photos have already been featured in the Department of Tourism of the Philippines official page.


On Photography

dsc_2458Bobbie started photography in 2006. Her first camera was a Samsung i6 Digital Point and Shoot. She loved taking photos of food, and since then she grew a relationship with Food Photography. She learned through several photographers and enjoyed Photo Walks as a hobby. Most of her photos are travel and food related and she loves to add natural vibrance and colors in her works. She firmly believes that great images are produced not by good cameras, but by the people behind the camera. She enjoys Food Styling and Food Photography the most. Right now, Food Styling and Photography is her hobby and passion project. Check out her Photography Business Page to see her portfolio or to book a food photography session.



On Her Advocacies (Mental Health Awareness and Ocean Conservation)


In 2016, Bobbie have been traveling around the Philippines and overseas. She has discovered her passion in Ocean Conservation, so she decided to build Friends of the Ocean Society (FOTOS).

In the first quarter of 2019, she was clinically diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 2, with mixed episodes of mania and depression. Presently, she is actively writing about Mental Health Awareness and she started finding her voice as an advocate. This did not stop her from fulfilling her dreams. Despite her disability, Bobbie still practices her profession and her hobby as a food and travel writer.




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  • Road to Healthy and Mindful Eating Advocate


  • Mental Health Awareness Advocate


  • Entrepreneurship Speaker for New Savvy entitled Driving Towards Success: How to Flourish Financially Through Wise Investments and Management


  • Travel Writer for Trip! Magazine (2Go Travels)
  • Success stories featured in Fortrust Education


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  • Ocean Conservation and Responsible Tourism Advocate




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  • Seen and Featured on The Business Portal, Global News Network


  • Bronze Medalist: Philippine Culinary Cup