Hello Wanderer! Welcome to the Friends of the Ocean Society. Our main goal is to raise awareness on responsible tourism in our waters and how each of us can help in saving our oceans. With the help of our partner organizations, we can all make a difference.


  • Be the voice of thousands of Marine Life living in the world’s oceans.
  • Create a community of sea-lovers who share the same passion of swimming on clean waters.
  • Give access to clean drinking water to poverty-stricken individuals in the remote areas of the world.
  • Share knowledge about water and ocean conservation to communities where social media and internet is inaccessible.
  • Be an advocate of responsible tourism.
  • Create bridges of helping hands throughout the world and connect them with Marine Biologists and Scientist developing innovative solutions in ocean conservation.


In a matter of time, Friends of the Ocean Society would be working hand-in-hand with local communities and schools to fill the gap between humans and knowledge on water and ocean conservation throughout the globe.


  • Campaign for Access to Clean Drinking Water to at least 19 individuals for every $500 donation in Africa through Charity:Water.
  • Coastal Clean Up Drives with
  • Raise awareness on how responsible tourism in the Philippines greatly affects Marine Life, not just with Ocean Biodiversity, but as well as our fishermen through the help of The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation and Foundation Inc., located in Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental.
  • Support Oceanic Society‘s long-term dolphin research and conservation efforts in Turneffe Atoll, Belize by adopting a bottlenose dolphin.
  • Support Oceana’s critical work in protecting the oceans and the endangered animals that call them home  by adopting an animal at the Oceana Marine Wildlife Adoption Center.
  • Hold seminars and talks about Responsible and Safe Tourism in Palawan, particularly in Coron and El Nido (two of the most visited islands in the country) with the help of Palawan Council for Sustainable Development.
  • Organize tours-for-a-cause in the oceans of the Philippines to help raise awareness amongst tourists through the help of LetzJet Travel and Tours.
  • Reach out to possible FOTOS Ambassadors to help me in pursuing this advocacy.

Be a Friend of the Ocean!

There is no membership fee. All you have to do is participate in one of our projects and connect with our friends from all over the globe. Be a part of the advocacy. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] with subject line “I want to be part of FOTOS” and I will send you a membership form.

Perks of being a FOTOS Member

  • Free Friends of the Ocean Society shirts/singlets if you join an outreach program or tour-for-a-cause organized by FOTOS.
  • Instant invitation to all travels-for-a-cause domestic and overseas.
  • Discounts on all soon-to-be-released FOTOS merchandise.
  • Instant access to all FOTOS events.
  • Huge discounts and great deals on accommodations, tours, and activities on your future travels.