A glimpse of Gustos

It’s not yet too late to check-out the newest face of food bazaars. Have you been to Gustos yet? If not, visit Gustos Night Market located at Robinson’s Forum Open Parking in Mandaluyong City. This food haven is just a few walks away from MRT Boni Ave. Station.

Hubster and I happened to stop by last night and I got the chance to explore what’s in Gustos. The only things I look for in a food market are Calamansi Bars, Chicken Isaw, Bagnet, and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Gustos exceeded my expectation. Guess what?They’ve got it all! And a couple more food choice. Check out what I found:

Few shots of the food choices in Gustos. Drools!

Gustos Night Market: Opens every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

From 8:30 PM – 4:30 AM