So basically, I am writing this post at 12:12 AM AEST because first, I can’t sleep. Second, I want a clear documentation (in writing) of how messed up my sleeping pattern is because of my current job and school schedule. But I am thankful for my current job. I really am. I love how chill the cafe is. I don’t mind waking up really early for about 2 to 3 times a week, and finishing early as well.  But, I am in the process of adjusting because I got used to being alive and awake at 1 in the morning. But now, I have to be asleep at around 7 or 8 so I can wake up and function at 3 in the morning. That’s kind of a drastic change for me. So surprise, surprise! My sleeping pattern is all over the place. Hahaha. Anyway, all I can do is just imagine myself one day, sipping on a cold glass of champagne, maybe in a 5-star resort somewhere, reading my previous blogs and telling myself, “Awwww… those were the days when I was slaving my butt out trying to gain all those experience.”



Today, I woke up at 3 AM as usual after a seemingly 4-5 hours of sleep. Of course it wasn’t enough for a 10-hour shift. I kept yawning like a lion the whole day. But anyway, I woke up at 3, prepared for work, and headed out. I was running late for some reason or maybe I was too slow in the bathroom, pondering about life while I was brushing my teeth. It added up about 7 mins on my usual routine. I started walking down the road as my workplace is merely a 20-minute walking distance from where I live. My earphones were plugged in with Dua Lipa playing. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this white Ford sedan pulled over at my side of the road. I wasn’t paying attention, it’s super early in the morning so I kept walking. Then, I noticed the lady driver signalling me to come to her. I pulled my earphones off and walked to her passenger side. I thought she was lost so I was preparing to make my brains work for directions. So the conversation went this way:

Uber Driver: Hi! Are you on your way to the train station? (with her passenger window down)

Me: Yeah. (Because… maybe, she doesn’t know where the train station is so I was pointing to that direction.) 

UD: I’m going that way. Do you want a free lift?

Me: (Thinking… Hmmm… Maybe it won’t hurt if I get a free ride. Besides, I’m almost late.) Oh, that would be awesome, thank you. I’m actually going near the station, near KFC, a little bit further down by the junction. 

She nodded, and opened the passenger door. So I got in her car.

UD: I saw you cross the road. I slowed down when I saw you and I was trying to call you, but you wouldn’t look back. I was thinking if I was gonna take you in. Then you started walking fast, and I said, omigosh she’s too petite to be walking this dark, alone on the streets. Yup. I’m taking her in. 

Me: Hahaha I’m fine. I’m like this every other day. 

UD: What? Walking alone on the street? Where are you going this early? I’m Michelle by the way. I’m an Uber driver. I just had a very wonderful night on the road, so I want to share the good vibes before I go home. 

Me: Wow. That’s good. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Michelle. I’m Barbara. I’m on my way to work. 

UD: Oh, KFC opens that early?

Me: Hahaha No. I’m a pastry chef. I work at the cafe in front of KFC. We open at 6:30. So I have to start doing the breads and muffins at 4. 

We drove for about 5 minutes and we were almost there. 

UD (whose name is Michelle): Wow. That’s very admirable. You’re doing good for humanity. I can’t even wake up early to make myself an egg for breakfast and you’re doing breakfast for the entire Bondi. Yup! I made the right decision of giving you a lift. I feel like I helped humanity too. (We both laughed.)

As we were about to approach my workplace, I said my heartfelt thanks. 

Me: This is my stop. Thank you so much. God bless you. 

UD: You too. You are a blessing. Have a good day ahead.

Me: You as well. Have a good day ahead. Thanks again. 

So I ended up being 5 minutes early than the head chef, and the shop was still closed. But, that’s ok. I would have been about 10 minutes late if she didn’t give me a ride. The day started well and ended well.


Today is one of those days when I just had an anxiety attack two nights ago and I am still recovering from that blank feeling, but I got to force myself to function for work. I literally had to compose myself and drag myself to be a normal human being. So I did my usual breakfast routine. I made the brioche dough, popped it in a box for proofing, did the scones, baked some muffins, made some Cinnamon and Nutella Rolls, made donuts, made sourdough, made heaps of carrot cakes (got myself a scorching burn in the process), prepared some date balls for rolling, and all of a sudden… the head chef said to me… “I just confirmed your Monday.” My face lit. Then he followed up with “You don’t have to work on Saturday.” Whooootttt! Wait what? “This Saturday or next Saturday?” So my brain got a little bit excited. Man, that’s 4 days rest starting Friday! Whoa! “This coming Saturday.” He replied. OMG! What a bliss!!! So, I just realized… Honey, that’s the rest of your Spring break, because you won’t feel any break when you start with your hotel training. Hahaha. Enjoy!


I woke up and started the day with a massive headache. I kept sneezing. The weather is as fickle as it could be. One day, it’s sunny, next day, it’s rainy and the temperature would drop from 23 to 11 in a snap. Anyway, Thursday is a school day for me, but not your average “school day” like Finance Tuesdays. I get to run as Front of House/F&B for lunch service at The Apprentice Restaurant (which my school owns and it’s being run by students including the chefs). I was wearing my uniform and this day marked my most embarrassing experience I’ve ever had in Sydney. So my F&B uniform is a black skirt, white blouse, and a coat, just like how you would see any other hoteliers. I was wearing black stockings and black shorts underneath my skirt. The sun was out, but I stopped for a bit to wear my coat as it wasn’t as warm as I expected it to be. I honestly don’t know how it happened. I crossed two intersections already. To my surprise, I looked down. I saw my skirt up my thighs, and my shorts saying hello to the world. I was like WTF!!!! I pulled my skirt down and casually walked really fast. I was super embarrassed I didn’t want to look sideways or even look back to see if someone was looking. Hahahaha. I literally have no idea how long it has been like that. I was pretty sure I pulled my skirt down before I left the house. Anyway, I received a free box of white chocolate macadamia cookies at the train station. They were campaigning for something, and I didn’t read it. I just took the cookies. Shame on me! Hahahaha. I started being conscious wearing that skirt. I kept on looking down my thighs the whole time!

As I arrived at The Apprentice, my teacher noticed I’ve got a bit of a flu. So he instructed me to make myself a cup of tea with a squeeze of lemon. Cool! Instant breakfast! Free tea from school plus free cookies from the train station. Not bad for a Thursday! I was supposed to be serving 7 people but my table of 4 did not arrive for their reservation, and 1 person from my table of 3 couldn’t make it so I ended up serving two people only and apparently one of them was the person I was looking for to talk about my hotel work placement. God is good! The moment he saw me, he said, “Hi Barbara. How’s it going?” I smiled at him and said, “Hi Tony. Holiday Inn just called me. I’ll be having a chat with them tomorrow at the hotel for the roster.” “Oh great. But the reason I want to have a chat with you is because Sofitel wants you as well. See, you have options. So tell me whatever you have in mind with your schedule, OK? Because I can easily talk to Sofitel and tell them if you’re interested as well.” I gave my best smile, quickly nodded, and said thanks. Wow! What did I do to deserve this kind of opportunity? Again, THANK YOU LORD. And thanks for the free food ALWAYS.

30 September 2018 FRI-YEY!!!! SPRING BREAK!!!

It’s the start of our Spring Break for this semester. Friday is the start of my 4-day break… out of the many breaks (hopefully, in the future… when I’m not as broke anymore. Hahaha). It’s one fine day. I went to Holiday Inn and confirmed my schedule. I went for a uniform fitting and attended a mini “briefing”. I have decided to push with Sofitel as well, but I’ll finish Holiday Inn first. I don’t know if I’m going the right direction for my career, but yes. I want to try both. I mean, I love being a pastry chef… but I also love the hospitality industry in general. Just the thought of being in a hotel everyday gives me that really fancy feeling. It’s a positive feeling, so my receptors say it’s a good one. Hahaha. I spent the rest of my Friday with my cousin. We pigged out, rode the most expensive Ferris Wheel ride I’ve ever had in my whole life (but the view of the entire Harbour was worth it), talked about life, our dreams, our plans for 2019. I don’t know, but I am really excited for what lies ahead.

2017 and 2018 might not be the best, but I have a feeling that 2019 would be a breakthrough. I’m claiming it. It’s a positive feeling again, and it’s good, right? 🙂

OK. I gotta get some shut-eyes. I plan to walk by the beach if the sun is out and weather is warm the moment I wake up. We’ll see. I am updating this from time to time actually. It’s just that there are days when I would start to write, but I would end up malfunctioning (if you know what I mean). That’s another story to tell. I hope I get some time to update this again soon! Thanks for reading my non-sense train of thoughts. 🙂